Legend has it that, at the time of his death, Thomas Edison was working on a machine to contact the dead. Some claim to have even seen the machine, but it has long since vanished.


        In the epic film from ZP International, Renee Dubois and his band of thieves stumble upon the legendary machine in a botched museum heist.


  With the help of a kidnapped antiquities director, they get the machine to work and begin to raise the dead to rob them of  treasures thought buried forever.


 They travel the globe with the machine in tow, and amass a fortune so great that they plan to buy an island and retire. 


  Things begin to go horribly wrong, and their  activities draw the attention of the Dominic  Contessi, a ruthless gangster who will stop at nothing to get a piece of the action.


 The Edison Death Machine is a highly dramatic, award-winning film that combines action, adventure, and horror with plot twists that will keep you guessing until the final battle.

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“The Edison Death Machine makes better use of old Tom Edison’s inventions than most  pretenders that call themselves filmmakers.  Funky and smart, anyone interested in the genre should check this out”

- George A. Romero


WINNER—Best Science Fiction Film: It Came From Lake Michigan 2007


WINNER—Best Special Effects: Fright Night Film Festival 2006


“An all out brawl to the finish, the ultimate finish...Death!” - LOP Magazine


“It was a fresh concept- something I hadn't seen before” - Videoscope Magazine


“George Bonilla’s opus” - Fangoria


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